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Although this book is the size of a phone book, Mr. Caloia has compiled thousands of games into a relatively small space. He appeals to all educators for the sake of children and families by making reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, pronunciation, arithmetic, history, geography, culture, memory, and imagination fun and enjoyable for everyone.
It has added immeasurably to my curriculum, enhancing and replacing dull moments with fun new ways to learn. Using everyday items found in most homes such as cards, dice, money, maps, stamps, newspapears, almanacs, dictionaries, atlases, and encyclopedias, makes this book easy to use yet challenging enough for everyone.
While on vacation, my children and I happened to meet Philip Caloia and he initiated a game with us. It is his gift and talent, and he has organized it into the pages of Open Says-a-Me. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys games, education, and family.

How did you ever come up with all these games? I met you at the home school fair in Richmond. You showed my son Rickey a dice game he wound up playing for nearly an hour as I went to other vendors. When I returned and saw him still playing the same game, I bought your book. Great deal for $50! (Ellen Braccio)

Thank you for writing Open Says-a-Me. Our daughter Ryan is especially drawn to your word games. The one you showed her at the Virginia Beach home school fair, Happy Trails, is her favorite. Thanks again! (Melanie Boykin)

I’m glad I stopped at your booth at the Fort Worth convention. You have quite a knack for creating simple games that affectively aid the mind. I knew my younger boy Billy would like a lot of the games in Open Says-a-Me, but I doubted Timmy would. He’s 14. To my surprise, he’s enjoyed 3 of the games so far. (He doesn’t like me or his father suggesting games to him; he reads your book on his own and selects which to play. (Rebeccah Crouse)

What a marvelous book Open Says-a-Me is. It’s larger than a telephone book! Like you suggested, we’ve started a Game Night. Every Wednesday we play one of your games. Our son likes In One Ear and our daughter likes Finger Walking. They both enjoy Eternal Dice. My husband and I play Suits with our neighbors. Thanks for coming up with all these neat games! (Jodi Diorio)

Me and my family met you at the Virginia Beach home school fair last year. You showed our children, Beth and Craig, too of your games. They enjoyed Spot the Dot and Eternal Dice so much, we got your book. Remember, they made us get it. We’ve played about 10 other games so far. We try playing at least twice a week. Like you said, it’s great bonding. (Doris Lingham)

You sure are creative, Mr. Caloia. You showed my son Dale your games Box and Happy Trails at the Nashville home schooling convention, both of which he enjoyed. He also likes The Times Machine and Route 6 by 6. Thanks for all the hard work it must have took coming up with all these games. (Aggie Evans)

I cannot believe how many games you have in Open Says-a-Me. After you showed our children how to play Eternal Dice and Happy Trails at the Richmond home school fair, I got the book and am I ever glad. They like both those games as well as Full o’ Beans, Around the World, Magellan and Magellan’s Brother. Well worth the money! (Tanya Graham)

What a treasure trove of educational games you have in Open Says-a-Me! From silly games such as “Under Cover” and “Between the Guards” to the more challenging games of “Memory Bank and “The Times Machine,” you have them all. This was the best item we bought at the home school show in Virginia Beach. Our children will be graduating high school by the time we’ve tried playing all your games! (Roberta Nixon)

Talk about a gem of a book. That’s just what Open Says-a-Me is, Philip. I bought that after you showed my daughter the game Happy Trails at the Richmond fair for home schoolers. While that remains her favorite, she also likes In Other Words and Abracadabra. My son enjoys The Land of Opportunity in addition to Happy Trails. The only thing I would recommend is that perhaps you could put them out in smaller booklets? (Patricia Patterson)

How did you ever create so many games? I couldn’t believe the size of Open Says-a-Me when my children and I met you at the Charlotte home school convention last year. We’re the ones whose boy Carmine lost two of the dice you gave him to play Eternal Dice. It’s been 6 months and they still play that game. Along with others. Their math has improved. My husband is going through the entire book, mapping out which ones to introduce as the children age. They are 7 and 9 now. This was a steal at just $50. Thanks for writing it! (Ellie Samartino)

We met Mr. Caloia at the community rec center across town. He was holding what he called a Game Night. He showed the youngsters how to play Eternal Dice, he gave the teens a game called Box, and he emceed a game show of his for the adults. The winner was given a copy of his huge book of games Open Says-a-Me. My husband bought it on the spot. It took our 9-year old son almost two months to grow weary of Eternal Dice, after that we introduced him to another of Mr. Caloia’s games. He has so many games, it’s inconcieivable how he comes up with them. I’d recommend this book to any parent. You won’t be able to play them all! (Shellie Wayne)

A Godsend for homeschoolers and parents of children aged 6-plus, May 15, 2004
Reviewer: Marisha (Tennessee, USA) - See all my reviews
This is the best source of educational fun activities I have ever come upon. This Monster book has something for everyone aged 6 and up. There are card, dice and domino games to help kids with math, word games that make reading and writing and spelling and vocabulary fun, map and stamp games that make geography a breeze, and lots more. Like Mr. Caloia said, its great bonding time. I’m using many of his games to help my babysitting. Anyone interested in their kid’s education needs to get ahold of this great resource. You’ll use this repeatedly for years to come.