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Stupider than Jupiter

Stupider than Jupiter is the title to an amazingly funny and unique book.

The first chapter is based upon bands. Every single sentence in this chapter contains the name of a band. For example, it starts out with: “Why so Moody Blueson?”

Our 13-year-old protagonist then goes on to tell his father about how, in his dream the night before, he, Peter, Paul & Mary were chasing an Iron Butterfly when suddenly a high-Steppenwolf began chasing them. The narration of this dream sets up the other five chapters.

The second chapter revolves around television shows; the third around geography; the fourth around films; and the fifth around something that, for your enjoyment, is best kept undisclosed.


As the fifth chapter is concluding, you will think that all loose ends have been wrapped up, that our Odyssey has come to its conclusion. You will be wrong. For our 8-year-old protagonist then beckons the final chapter, "The Night the Moon Plopped to Earth." This chapter will literally leave you gasping.


Download a PARTIAL LIST OF BANDS used in this book. (184 KB)


Download a PARTIAL LIST OF TELEVISION SHOWS used in this book. (352 KB)


Download a PARTIAL LIST OF FIMS used in this book. (667 KB)


Download a PARTIAL LIST OF CELEBRITIES found in this book. (40 KB)

The ISBN for Stupider than Jupiter is 978-1-61539-945-1. Its PCBN is 18210-c15k-19855. My Introductory Special, for the first 1000 people to purchase it, is just $10.

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For example, here are two sample sentences. The opening of the second book reads: “The Honeymooners were certainly an Odd Couple,” I told My Little Margie. The fourth book opens with: “Gidget,” said my husband Dave, “since it’s been All Quiet on the Western Front since High Noon, I think we should officially go Meet the Fockers.”


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