About the Creator

Philip Emil Caloia has been creating simple but effective educational games using everyday items since 1985.

His self-published book Open Says-a-Me contained 1000 pages of original goodies designed to bond families while helping children read, write, spell, and so on.

He sold that book primarily at home-school conventions.

A colleague of mine told me about Mr. Caloia’s games after she attended a home school convention in Virginia Beach. He was gracious enough to come to my class of 5th-graders and show us some of his items. He was scheduled to stay from 10 till half past noon, but the kids were so engrossed with his math games that they begged him to stay through lunch and into the afternoon. He followed a couple of vocabulary games with a reading game, and he ended with a geography game using postage stamps. He left after the last bell, giving each child a gift of some stamps that came from other nations. He was very entertaining, and I often use some of his games. Even the four or five that sound a bit too silly for 5th-graders have proven to be a good killer of time. I highly recommend his book Open Says-a-Me. – Amy Thompson

Now that Open Says-a-Me has sold out of its latest run, Philip has decided to offer his unique games over the Internet. And since Open Says-a-Me was published, he has improved many of the games. He has also added lots of other games to his arsenal, as well as contests.