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The Galaxy of Unique Educational Games

Welcome to The Games Galaxy, the only galaxy in the universe designed to bond parents with their children via educational games that are unique. And we have plenty of games and challenges for adults, too.

All of our games revolve around everyday items. Most use cards, dice, dominoes, or just plain old words. For the most part, these need only a pencil and paper to play. Download these six free games: Eternal Dice, Global Zipper, King David, Route 6 by 6, Scramblix and Soliloquy.


It is a well-known fact that when parents are actively involved with their child’s education, the child learns more. So, whether you are home-schooling your children or simply want to spend quality time with them, you will never run out of ideas with our games.

Wanting to beat you, their siblings and/or their friends, your children won’t even realize that they are adding and subtracting, reading and writing, spelling and thinking.

And once you teach them these games, they will be able to play on their own.

Please keep in mind that your children years later may not recall what you said, or how to play the games you had introduced, but they sure will remember all the joyous times that you supplied.

And children appreciate ORIGINALITY. So, whenever you are unable to unleash your imagination, simply use OURS!

If you want more-challenging games, please visit our STORE. About a dozen of our games will challenge even the Mensa-ist of folks.

We also offer a few contests. Both “Alpha Centauri” and “Juggernaut” will wrack your brain, and “Acrobatty” is aptly named. These are included in your order.

Our most-challenging item is a booklet called “Seven Codes to Crack … Your Brain.” You will find more info in our STORE.

Since none of our games are electronic games, and since money is tight for all of us, we have put together a whopping package of ONE HUNDRED FIFTY games and contests for the price of a couple of movie tickets.


Yes, for only a 1-time payment of just $15 you will get, in 15 downloadable booklets, instructions to the 150 games and contests listed above. That’s just 10 cents a game! We challenge anyone to find a better entertainment / educational deal anywhere in the galaxy. If your child likes just a single game, it will be worth it!


Remember, all these games are unique. They cannot be found anywhere else. So go on, help your child become FUNeducated today!